Introduction to S.W.OT.s


This simple acronym was the start of producing long term planning for companies.  

Why?  Because it took a simple concept that was easy for all levels of the organization to understand and implement and created a real planning break through.  

It stands for…





This is an old system that is now considered NEW!  Why? Because we are in the age of employers needing to fully understand their staff and their staff’s needs.  No longer (even though this never should have occurred) can you just tell someone what to do and expect it to be done.  

The tasks and goals need to match the employees strengths and passions in order for them to be completed in the exceptional way you would want them to be done.  

Show you care enough to find out their SWOTs! ...and the results will be there!

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Foundational Toolbox.

This includes great tools for SWOTs, Goals and KPI's

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