Team Fixing! Stages of Development

Now comes the fun part!   From now on you will be able to identify what stage your employees are at in their learning process and help them to get to the next level.  

I highly recommend that you show this part of the program to every new hire, so they quickly understand IT’S OK!  Everyone goes through each of these learning stages.  

If you miss a stage eventually you’ll come back and hit it.  

BUT the more established the team, the easier the stages become.

Bruce Wayne Tuckman was an American Psychological Researcher who carried out his research into the theory of group dynamics.  In 1965, he published a theory known as "Tuckman's stages of group development". 

According to this theory, there are four phases of group development: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.  

This great theory easily demonstrates the stages we all go through as we develop and learn how to interact with others. 

It takes time.  The team will go through stages that we will discuss here.  

Again – make sure to Mention Tuckman’s Theory to all team members. 

I recommend posting it for all to see to ensure if someone is going through one of these stages and they need help they know they are safe talk to another team member that might have just gone through it or talk to you. 

There are no secrets here.  That’s the fun part.  

Everything the team member is going through has happened before. 

Once you recognize it, you can help them get to the next level that much quicker so the team can reach the common goal. 

Let’s look at each stage now.

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