Inspect vs. Expect

Please go to your workbook as you review this section and consider your team and your expectations.  

Realize that your team is only as effective as you are in inspecting their work.  

This doesn’t mean breathing down their necks every ten minutes, but it does mean setting up an audit process on a regular basis for them to be measured.

These audits should not be a surprise.  

Instead if possible, make them part of putting this process together. 

They will then have ownership in the process and not feel as if you are simply monitoring their every move.

If you are concerned about effective use of organizational or team time – and who isn't? – tracking what's actually done by whom, and for how long, is a simple and straightforward way of getting answers.

By paying close attention and recording people's activities over a period of time, you can learn a great deal about how time is spent in your organization:

  • Is the majority of the day spent purposefully?
  • Are energies focused on goal-oriented tasks or on the most enjoyable or easiest tasks?
  • Are people working at the right level of detail?
  • Is work being delegated effectively?
  • Are workloads and expectations in line with one another?
  • Are the majority of the activities planned or spontaneous?

Write down your answers in your workbook. 

This leadership role that you are instituting will help all your team members get to the next level.  

It would be great if everyone did what we expect them to do. But I can tell you, you and your team will appreciate the effort you put in to hold everyone accountable.  

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