Time I-Improvement

It’s time to look at the “I” in time.  How we are going to improve our time management.  Most importantly what is our outlook on time and how are we going to change our habits and outlook on life to manage time and improve our outcomes.

First – let’s look at our outlook on life

Are you Optimistic?  We have 4 quadrants we could be spending our time in, if we find that we run into difficulty and potentially end up in Q1 for a period of time.  What is our outlook?

THE OPTIMIST’s Definition of Failure is What happened was an unlucky situation (not personal), and really just a setback (not permanent) for this IS one of many goals (not pervasive).”

As you look at the "I" in time and continue to improve your outlook, you will soon find all of your time will naturally shift to Q2. There is no failure just an opportunity to improve.

Second - Time Management

Explore a great way to manage your time by actually "chunking" your time. This means understanding your end goal and making sure to use your time wisely to increase efficiency in your day, therefore expanding your ability to stay in Q2.

Enjoy the Ride!

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